Modern Stupas

Stupas and pagodas are not only stoic buildings located in isolated parts of Asia. Thanks to modern technology, Buddhism has spread from the boundaries of asia to places as far away as Spain, New Zealand and the Americas. From the Migyur Dorje Stupa in Poolesville, Maryland to the Mahabodhi Stupa in Stokes Valley, New Zealand, stupas and buddhist temples are being built all over the world.

The Kharma Thegsun Tashi Gomang

The Karma Thegsun Tashi Gomang ws founded in 1980. The Gyalwa Karmapa (a Buddhist priest) wanted to build a temple ground that reminded him of the temples in his native Tibet. After some research, the Gyalwa decided that 200 acres in Crestone, Colorado would be the best place for his temple. The Kharma Thegsun Tashi Gomang was designed to serve not only as a temple, but as a retreat, monastery, and an insitute for Tibetan medicine.  

The Dhamma Talaka Peace Pagoda

In 1993, the foundations to the Dhamma Talaka Peace Pagoda were laid in  Birmingham, England. Supported by the Birmingham Buddhist Vihara, the pagoda underwent a large amount of planning. The circumference of the pagoda is 153 ft. and is divided into eight sections. The pagoda is in the Burmese style. Burmese craftsmen were even brought in to carve all the "accessories" of the pagoda. 

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